Iran 14 Days Tour: From Caspian Sea Down to Shiraz

Image of Iran 14 Days Tour: From Caspian Sea Down to Shiraz

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Duration : 7 or more days
Starting Price : 1050USD/Person

Tour Description


The mentioned price is only guiding service no matter how many people. I can also offer you package price depending on the type of services you want. I can also be your driving guide or arrange transport and accomodation and visa.

just let me know what suits you leave the rest, I'm here.

Day 1: arrival

Depending on your mood after arrival and your preference, a choice of Tehran sightseeing (Golestan Palace or carpet museum or national museum, etc.)   Or go deep into young Iranian meetup and gathering areas and enjoy having a nice tea and a meal by the stream.


Day 2: Masouleh

On the way to Masouleh stop in Qazvin for sightseeing.

Drive to Masouleh and enjoy walking in this exotic village.


Day 3: Rudkhan castle, Anzali

Drive to Rudkham castle(name of the area) hike up to the castle for less than an hour.

Drive to Anzali, walk at Caspian Sea beaches in full veil.


Day 4: wetland

Early in the morning rent a boat and going to the wetland, enjoy watching endemic and migrant birds.

Drive to Tehran


Day 5: Kashan

On the way to Kashan, we may stop in Qom to see the mullah’s city and give a visit to Masuma shrine.

Visit historical bath and houses and enjoy lunch in one of the houses. If time allows going for exploring underground shelters build in Mongol time.

Day 6: Abyaneh

A village near Kashan at the foot of Karkass Mountain characterized by its reddish hue of the clay. In this village, the Iranian ancient style of living, civilization and culture is still evident. The language spoken by the literate people of Abyaneh is Pahlavi.

Drive to Isfahan

You’ll enjoy the 33Bridge and Khajoo Bridge after checking in to your hotel in Isfahan.

Day 7: Isfahan

Marvel at the amazing royal square (Meydan-e- Naghshe Jahan).

Imam mosque perplexing features besides the impressive tile work at Sheikh Lotfollah mosque is no less than the paintings and the music room at Aliqapoo palace, Chehel sotune (40 columns)

Day 8: Isfahan

 Vank church, Ruins of Zoroastrians fire temple and going back to Imam square and its Bazars

Day 9: Meybod

On the way to Yazd going to  Maybod to visit Narin castle, dove coat, clay handy crafts.


Day 10: Yazd

City of Zoroastrian’s: visiting Ostudans(grave), Temple, and a new museum about their lifestyle.

Walk through narrow turning allies and visit the magnificent entrance of Jame mosque with its tall minarets and amazing ceramic work. Later visit the Amirchakhmagh complex with its impressive construction.

Day 11: Pasargad

On the way, we stop in Abarkooh to visit a 4,000-year-old Cypress Tree!

Overnight sleep in a 100-year-old clay house ( if you don’t like I will change the plan I had some guests whom love it  and some whom didn’t like the poor facilities)

Day 12: Persepolis, necropolis

Day 13: explore the beauties of Zand architecture including the amazing Vakil mosque and

attractive bazaar with tantalizing handy crafts and artwork.

in the evening meet warm Iranians in Hafez tomb reciting his poems.


Day 14: Take pleasure in having a cup of tea in a Persian garden.

Visit the marvellous glass and light work in Nasirolmolk mosque

End of tour ( leave Shiraz to Tehran from Airport)




Image of Iran 14 Days Tour: From Caspian Sea Down to Shiraz Image of Iran 14 Days Tour: From Caspian Sea Down to Shiraz Image of Iran 14 Days Tour: From Caspian Sea Down to Shiraz Image of Iran 14 Days Tour: From Caspian Sea Down to Shiraz

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