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Duration : 5 to 7 days
Starting Price : 300USD/Person

Tour Description

7-days papular tour in Iran

Iran,as old as history inherits one the most ancient civilizations of the planet.

Isfahan,Yazd and Shiraz are top tourist destinations and you will visit  5000-years old history of Iran.including,cultural,natural and historical attractions and this is the best opportunity to get to know beautiful Iranian culture.

Day 1:you will visit Milad tower and nature bridge,an experience of visiting the two architectural masterpieces of Iranian architects.

Day 2:Isfahan known as half of the world will be next destination,33 bridge,Khajo bridge,Ali ghapu,Naghshe jahan square,flowers garden and one of the most ancient mosques in the city.

Day 3:Kashan and historical village of Abyaneh are must see stops during the day,historical attractions as well as natural attractions

Day 4:being in the first adobe city in the world,Kabir jame mosque(the highest minarets in the world),Dowlat abad garden(the highest wind catcher in the world),Zoroastrian fire tample,Amir chakhmaq complex and khan complex are sights to behold.

Day 5:Kharanq( with 4000 years old history),Meybod including Chapar-khane,caravansarai,pigeon tower,adobe ice house and Narin fortress)and Zoroastrian pilgrimage site of chak chak

Day 6:the cradle of Iranian culture an civilization,shiraz and its beautiful attractions.Eram garden,Karim khan fortress,vakil complex,Hafez tomb,ghavam orangery and zinat-ol-molk house.

Day 7:heart of persia embracing Pasargade and takhte jamshid,the two other prominent archeological sites of achaemenid era.

you will be fascinated by visiting more than 30 tourist attractions for a week.

Image of Iran is unique Image of Iran is unique Image of Iran is unique Image of Iran is unique Image of Iran is unique

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