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Duration : 7 or more days
Starting Price : 300USD/Person

Tour Description

Hi dear sir or madam

I am a personal guide-driver, offering a full scale tour through Iran, by accepting this offer, you won't need to pay for any kind of transportation inside Iran, not inside nor out side and between the cities, the tour can flixebly start at the city you arrive to, and will include most important cities and sites, also we will visit smaller towns on the road, you will be free to decide when and where to stay and and to go, the cities on the list are Tehran, Qom, kashan, abyane, naiin, yazd , abadeh, Isfahan, yasuj, Shiraz , and you are free to edit the list above to remove or add other cities.


The costs:

99 $ per day for car and driver


The fuel cost which is considerably low (0.3  per litre, it means about 3 $ per every 100 kilometers)



The hotels are on your own to pay, you can book them over Internet


I can reserve them for you


You can find hosts on some apps like Couchsurff or things like that.

Image of Iran

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