Lai Chi Chong geopark site

Image of Lai Chi Chong geopark site

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Duration : 4 to 8 hours
Starting Price : 260USD/Person

Tour Description

A very relaxed trip by boat to the beautiful and geologically unique shore of isolated Lai Chi Chong village.

This geopark site is best known for its layered rocks. Along the shore one can observe the thickly layered beddings with their fold and faults, while the loose rocks show all kinds of thinly layered patterns. These layers are often folded and faulted, making for really interesting designs.

This site is best visited at low tide, with high tide most of the interesting part is under water. If you have interest in this tour, please let me know your suggested date, so I can check on the tides. Various combinations of the above schedule with a hike in the surrounding hills and visit to a secluded beach nearby are possible. Please enquire if you would like to have such a combination.

The geopark site is next to the ferry pier, and stretches for a couple hundred meters. You walk over the loose rocks, proper footwear is recommended.


  • 8:00/14:00 meet at University MTR station, walk to Ma Liu Shui pier.
  • 8:30/14:30 take kaito to Lai Chi Chong, arrive 09:15/15:15.
  • Explore the geopark site and Lai Chi Chong village.
  • 11:40/18:00 take kaito back to Ma Liu Shui, arrive 12:25/18:25.
  • Walk back to University MTR station.

Price includes guide fee.
Add HKD 56 per person for ferry tickets.

Attractions Visited in This Tour

Image of Lai Chi Chong geopark site

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