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When you walk by the river , looking at the quiet river , the breeze was blowing, there is a sense of floating in the air when Chu Chen , in your eyes slowly showing a pulse charming exotic scenery . Manor beautiful scenery, there is a large garden and tidal wetlands ; Ashe river meandering through the estate , when you exposure to the water's edge , looking slightly undulating waves , endless , the building is clearly visible in the reflection in the water , then nothingness sense of rose oil, however . Water , the source of life Mother Nature , you can feel the Volga Manor and the perfect combination of water gardens , water and construction , perhaps this time, only quietly sit down , let 's explore a few stagnant thinking , look at this as painting -like beauty to a perfect insight into the natural and architectural integration .

In the manor , you can taste the delicious Russia , Russians enjoy authentic Russian dance performances

St. Nicholas Church was built here as a complex construction of Art, the rehabilitation of the " Mini E Giurgiu " restaurant and the construction of more than 20 classical Russian architecture , forming a unique architectural complex .

In 1899, management mechanism of tsarist Russia for the Middle East Railway Bureau in Harbin Qin Jia Gang, and decided to build a Russian Orthodox church. The church building project by the famous engineering
Rett Weaver is chaired, the famous painter Gul Sich Vinke completed a number of murals inside Madonna and church. A relic, icon and the clock inside the church are shipped in from Moscow, costly. San Nicola church all the timber frame well dry. The interior of the church surrounded by huge dome space, while the external use of traditional form of Russian folk wood structure of the tent top. An onion shaped dome stands in the octagonal tent top, middle and thin out the drum seat is connected with. In August 23, 1966, during the cultural revolution, red guards began dismantling the San Nicola church, but because of strong church structure, the red guards had to use various tools and fire engine, windlass, until August 24th morning will completely destroy the church, the church in the cultural relics are damaged or lost. In 2006 July, San Nicola church reconstruction project in Harbin city Xiangfang District Ashe River started, Nicola Art Museum in San Nicola church for the prototype, according to the 1 to 1 ratio of complete reduction. After the rehabilitation of the church as the Nicola Museum of art, a landmark of the Volga manor.

Image of Volga Manor Image of Volga Manor Image of Volga Manor Image of Volga Manor Image of Volga Manor Image of Volga Manor Image of Volga Manor Image of Volga Manor

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