Wuzhen Water Village

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An hour's commute northeast of Hangzhou is Wuzhèn, one of China's most famous "water villages." Like a much smaller version of Venice, Wuzhèn is crisscrossed with waterways both wide and narrow, each bustling with long boats steered by locals punting along the water with large poles and carrying everything from vegetables and livestock to tourists. This popular tourist destination is split into six unique districts, each focusing on a particular facet of the area's rich culture, including those dedicated to crafts and workshops, traditional housing, food and drink, arts and entertainment, as well as a shopping district. Exploring the town is easy thanks to a variety of well-marked routes leading to whatever particular area most interests you, and it's easy to spend hours wandering its many paths and bridges and exploring its many points of interest (be sure to partake in a boat ride). The town's most popular crossings are the Tongji and the Renji Bridges, famous because either can be viewed through the other's arch.

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Image of Wuzhen Water Village

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