China Hangzhou-Longjing Tea and the Dragon Well

Image of China Hangzhou-Longjing Tea and the Dragon Well

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Duration : 1 day
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Tour Description

Hangzhou is famous the world over for its local Longjing tea (lóngjing chá), named after the small village just three kilometers southwest of West Lake where it's grown. The picturesque village of Longjing — literally translated as Dragon Well - sits amid some of China's most beautiful countryside and is easily accessible from Hangzhou. A highlight of a visit to the village and its many plantations is the chance to sample its traditional teas at source, the unique flavor of which is credited as coming from the ancient spring that provides water for the village's well, the Dragon Well. Tours take in one of the tea factories in which the fresh tea leaves are refined, processed, and packed, as well as the superb China National Tea Museum, highlights of which are numerous exhibitions related to the production of tea, as well as the many ceremonies surrounding its consumption.

Address: 88 Longjing Rd, Xihu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

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Image of China Hangzhou-Longjing Tea and the Dragon Well

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