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Duration : 7 or more days
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Guizhou karst essence tourist routes (guiyang - anshun xingyi) -
Trip: 7 days,
Netizens vote count: 16812
Comprehensive pointrating: 82.7 points
Tour routes: guiyang (capital of park, QingYan town, JiaXiu floor) - anshun (dragon tun, dragon palace, huanguoshu waterfall, tianxing bridge) - xingyi (ma linghe, million peak).
Expert comments: this line covers the landscape contents abundant, can reflect the characteristics, the line of guizhou karst throughout the western guizhou sightseeing routes, should be present guizhou's most marketable golden tourist routes.
Best eco-tour lines
Qian medieval village close water into the ground 6 swim
Six days traveling:
Netizens vote count: 12659
Comprehensive pointrating: 80.7 points
Tour routes: guiyang - dragon (dragon in grassland, dragon frame mountain) - huang ping (heavy AnJiang plunger-type bridge, liquidambar formosana gejia village, fly YunYa, wild hole river rafting) - shi bing (yuntai mountain, fir river rafting) - town far (historical and cultural city, tsing lung hole, iron streams, newspaper Beijing DongZhai) - tongren (li, jinjiang, nine longdong) - jiang mouth (fanjing mountains, black sai wan buddhist culture park, cloud shekels of tujia ethnic village).
Expert comments: the products cover the rich content, design the completeness and information, line reasonably arrangement, product elements relatively complete.
The best watch flowers swim lines
Guizhou aestheticism enjoy flower line
Trip: a total of 7 days,
Netizens votes: 4025
Comprehensive pointrating: 78.2 points
Tour routes: xingyi (top effect peach blossom, million YouCaiHua) - the peak scenery and PingBa (china-japan friendship YingHuaYuan) - qianxi (100 inside cuckoo national forest park) kaiyang speedway (ten miles pictures) - set (JinHai snow mountain).
Expert comments: line content richer, complete, although the same period may not reward to so many places throughout the flowers, but other scenery is still can remedy defects.
Best foreigner self-help lines
Foreign guests Ethan seedlings dong amorous feelings and folk culture
Six days traveling:
Netizens vote count: 5626
Comprehensive pointrating: 80.4 points
Tour routes: Carey (south) - spend miao miao, thousands of people (xijiang LangDe miao, grounds) - majiang timbals painting of the township (farmers) - Dan village (KaLaCun) - rongjiang (dong amorous feelings, the triple gem DongZhai) - congjiang (after basha miao) - liping (ZhaoXing DongZhai and ground rain bridge) - kam screen (lung in guzhen)) - jianhe river (jianhe river hot spring) - TaiJiang (shi dong miao miao, inverse row).

Expert comments: guizhou of qiandongnan miao and dong nationality area is the main settlements, in tw foothills, qingshui river, the total bank preserved the most abundant, full of original national culture, has become an important tourism destination of foreign tourists, this circuit design fully reflects the fashion and deep core value.
The best red swim lines
Guizhou red journey meditating on the trip
3 days traveling:
Netizens votes: 6983
Comprehensive pointrating: 84 points
Tour routes: guiyang - XiFeng (camps memorial) - zunyi (the zunyi meeting site, the reds dragon mountain, tuen mun, loushanguan) - RenHuai (national city, MeiJiuHe, yanjin hot spring) - four crossing chishui XiShui (tucheng memorial hall, three ChaHe) - chishui (ten cubits hole, four-hole ditch, sign for nature reserves, bamboo, propylene Ann town, tatung guzhen).
Expert comments: red spots and basic it include, but also increased the many natural scenery, but 3 days estimate a bit tight.
Best outdoor adventure lines
The moon mountain TaiYangShan hinterland through
8 days traveling:
Netizens vote count: 4573
Comprehensive pointrating: 82.3 points
Tour routes: guiyang - rongjiang (plus two village, plan village, the village, place twisted lang tension, place on the village, the village, dirty king speak tujia village) - congjiang (plus tooth LaoZhai, add epicureans).
Expert comments: original ecological village adventure of fine line, creative new adventure flavour "strong".
The best ZiJiaYou lines
Southern guizhou ethnic customs ZiJiaYou

8 days traveling:
Netizens votes: 8973
Comprehensive pointrating: 765,000 dollar points
Tour routes: guiyang - set (sound village "JinHai snow mountain") - f springs (ancient askew, sprinkle the JinGu) - DouYun (SLATE street, cloak mountain, national museum) - Wednesday in qiannan people mountain, ba (yao) - libo bases aquatic animals villages wave (size seven holes, water spring river rafting, MaoLanKaSiTe primeval forest, the world natural heritage demonstrated garden) - dushan (deep HeQiao anti-japanese culture park) - PingTang (palm cloth national geopark, armour tea) - luodian (plateau the thousand islet lake, size Wells) - long soon (dujuan lake, baiyun mountain) - HuiShui (the Kowloon hills, good bonus rural area).

Expert comments: the route reflected guizhou in parts of the characteristic.
Best country folk experience tour routes
Guizhou landscape nationality amorous swim
Trip: 10 days,
Netizens votes: 6455
Comprehensive pointrating: junior points
Tour routes: Carey (southern floral miao, hemp pond leather village, boat creek miao) - huang ping (fly YunYa, wild hole river rafting) - shi bing (Chinese fir river rafting, yuntai mountain) - TaiJiang (shi dong miao miao, inverse row) - thunder (LangDe on village, xijiang thousands of miao) - rongjiang DongZhai, slaying swings (triple gem DongZhai) - congjiang (after basha miao, increased blunt gulou, yellow DongZhai) - liping ZhaoXing DongZhai, hall Ann (DongZhai and ground rain floor).
Expert comments: fill rich guizhou ethnic customs lines, guizhou extremely unique dong seedlings amorous feelings show. This line summarized of guizhou minorities culture and the Ming dynasty cultural legacy of tun two folk culture type and miao, BuYiZu, dong three major ethnic customs, concentrated guizhou village of folk-custom culture essence.
Optimal photography swim lines
Caohai international cooperation and meilong honk horns seedlings photography 3 swim

3 days traveling:
Netizens vote count: 12658
Comprehensive pointrating: 84.9 points
Tour routes: guiyang - LiuZhi (meilong ornamental horns honk miao miao, rock feet town, back to stream scenic spot) - weining (fengshan temple, jade emperor cabinet, must carry ge) - grass sea bird.

Expert comments: line design suit theme, cooperate festal and festivals representative, the trip short reasonable, "Bird, folk" trip close 2 for one, attract is fanatic photography enthusiast, Caohai international cooperation is "a bird of heaven, grass sea", is a very beautiful place, also be photographers in eyes of perturbation
8 days traveling:
Netizens votes: 6564
Comprehensive pointrating: 85.6 points
Tour routes: qiannan LiBoXian (big seven holes, xiao qi hole, water spring river) - guiyang (QingYan town, capital of park, JiaXiu floor, guizhou lingshan park) - anshun (huangguoshu waterfall, steep pond waterfalls, tianxing bridge, dragon palace, the spiral pond) - bijie (zhijin cave).
Expert comments: the lines from guizhou, the southern up in the middle of guiyang, guizhou, again to anshun northwestern guizhou, almost traveled across the pearl river in guizhou plateau, two main river, the Yangtze river, embodies the "colorful guizhou" mountain, water, forest, the hole in the natural wonders, karst "water plateau" the unique cool climate is reluctant to leave.

Image of Online voting guizhou most classic tourist routes, let you guizhou do more interesting Image of Online voting guizhou most classic tourist routes, let you guizhou do more interesting

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