Guangzhou Tour Day1

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Duration : 1 day
Starting Price : 50USD/Person

Tour Description

  • 1, Yue Xiu Park -- The largest central park in guangzhou, has the city symbol inside-- five goat statue. You can also sightsee the only existing city wall from Ming dynasty; Zhen Hai Building, was called the first building in guangzhou considering its old history, and now it is the guangzhou museum; Sun Yat-sen Monument. It is the most popular park in guangzhou where you can experience the local relaxing activities, and surrounded by green old trees and nature beauty.
  • 2, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall -- As the landmark in guangzhou, it was builted in 1929 in the memory of the great forerunner of Chinese democratic revolution -- Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the founding father of new China who devoted all his life in overthrowing the imperial dynasty. It is a magnificent octangle building with traditional Chinese architecture features, designed by the very famous Chinese architect Lv Yan Zhi.
  • 3, Tomb of Nan Yue King -- The tomb of the second Nanyue king was discovered by chance in June 1983 at a construction site.10,434 historical relics were unearthed including the Administrative Seal of Emperor Wen in gold.The Nanyue Kingdom was established more than two thousand years ago with its capital located in what is today the urban district of Guangzhou.The tomb is the largest and the best protected found to date in the Lingnan region in south China.
  • 4, Beijing Road Shopping Street -- The most flourishing shopping area in guangzhou with a great variety of shops selling clothes, souvenirs and food.

Attractions Visited in This Tour

Image of Guangzhou Tour Day1 Image of Guangzhou Tour Day1 Image of Guangzhou Tour Day1

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