Cantonese Opera Art Museum in Guangzhou China

Image of Cantonese Opera Art Museum in Guangzhou China

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Duration : 1 day
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Tour Description

Museum is located in Liwan District, which not only is one of the city’s oldest districts but is also the home of the birth of Cantonese opera. Many old opera halls, such as Bahe Guild Hall, as well as the homes of opera performers, are located in the district. Less than 200 meters from the museum, Cantonese opera was traditionally performed under a banyan tree and continues being offered there today. 

Traditional Chinese opera always has been associated with a garden environment, like that of the Peony Pavilion. The opera museum was built with that concept in mind. It harkens back to the traditional Lingnan garden concept, in part by integrating old architectural technologies like wood, stone, and brick carving, plaster moulding and pottery. It also incorporates the old Guangfu stage concept — a purely wooden edifice that utilized wood and brick carving to ensure the opera performance could meld perfectly with the outdoor garden theme. 

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Image of Cantonese Opera Art Museum in Guangzhou China

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