Go to Foshan to buy furniture to save money strategy

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Duration : 4 to 8 hours
Starting Price : 100USD/Person

Tour Description

Go to Foshan to buy furniture to save money strategy

First, to introduce you one by one what are the main furniture stores in Foshan!

1, Louvre International Furniture Expo Center

High-end stores, each floor is a different category, including: new Chinese, modern, light luxury, minimalist, European, etc., high quality standards, high prices. A variety of domestic and foreign brands are concentrated, sofas are priced at more than 100,000.

2, Shunlian North District Furniture City

Next to the Louvre, a lot of styles, selling mid-range quality, mid-range prices, compared to the Louvre furniture cost-effective, but in recent years, the reputation is not so good, mainly in the north of the business is no own factory, quality is not controllable, unless you meet responsible and conscientious business

3, the smooth South District Furniture City

Factory-based, cost-effective, formerly to foreign customers export ready to sell. But the quality of the low-end quality, if careful poking goods, or to find good quality and cost-effective furniture

4, Foshan Home Expo City

More mid-range brands, and Shunlian North District model is similar.

5, Red Star Macalline

More recommended to go, the local brand concentration, are factories, bargaining, bargaining space. Quality is also passable!

Buying furniture in Foshan, you need to pay attention to the following.

1, the order contract to confirm the material, color, delivery time, after-sales service and other details, ask the merchant to indicate

2, leather fabric can be brought leather samples, the later furniture to home can be compared to the color

3, bargaining! All stores have a large profit margin, you can bargain for bargaining

4, the rest is left to luck!

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