Pub Crawl

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Duration : 1 to 4 hours
Starting Price : 20USD/Person

Tour Description

“Ah Dublin, so many pubs! Which ones shall I choose?” Only the best ones, of course! Taste only the sweetest nectar of this fair green isle’s Capital City. Revel in the histories of the greatest Dublin pubs whilst sampling their traditions – modern and ancient. Aqua Vitae – the ‘water of life’ or ‘uisce beatha’ (whiskey) to the Irish. And no soul that ever lived would doubt that the Irish are full of life. But the well of life, the pub, is not only a place to drink; it’s a home away from home – the hearth of the community. The multitude of Irish pubs across the globe is testament to the homely nature of the pubs in Ireland. From their hearths, millions of Irish people were stolen, pushed to foreign shores, and drank nepenthe in a place that brought them closer to home. If only for a dark night. Celebrate in Dublin as if you’ve returned home! Returned home to a people you never realised you missed and to a land you never realised you left. Whether you’re a beer connoisseur, an admirer of literary titans like Joyce, into hearing some real traditional Irish music, or simply someone who wants something authentic away from the hordes of tourists and deep into the beating heart of Dublin and her people, your nocturnal true Dublin exploration awaits you!

Image of Pub Crawl Image of Pub Crawl

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