2 Day Tour in Pingyao city

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Day 1  Taiyuan to Pingyao    Chinese Lunch

Pick up you from the hotel. Full day trip in Pingyao to Jinci Temple, Qiao Family's compound.

-Jinci Temple: lies in the Xuanweng foothill, which is 25 kilometers from the southwest of Taiyuan city,it is the temple of Jin Emperor in ancient times; it is initially built during the northern Wei Dynasty (386-535) for memorizing the second son Jiyu of Zhouwu Emperor. Jinci Temple is one of the national key cultural relic reserves, enjoys the reputation of “Little South of the Yangtze River”
-Qiao Family's compound: Built in 1755, this well-preserved and exquisite structure used to be the residence of Qiao Zhiyong, who was a famous businessman during the Qing Dynasty.

Day 2 Pingyao to Departure City  Breakfast  Chinese Lunch

Full day trip to Pingyao Ancient Town, The Ancient City Wall, The Rishengchang Draft Bank, The Mingqing Street

-Pingyao Ancient Town: In the middle of Shanxi Province, this is the best-preserved of the four ancient towns in China. Inside the intact Ming Dynasty city wall this traditional town, whose buildings date from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, is exceptionally well-preserved, and just as it was centuries ago. Bikes can be rented for about 10 yuan/hour. You can also learn the traditional Chinese art of paper-cut, producing beautiful shapes and designs from paper in the Wentao Paper-cut shop, and lean how lacquerwork is done in Yonglong Shop.
-The Ancient City Wall:  With a total length of 64 kilometers (about 40 miles), the city wall is about 12 meters (about 40 ft) tall and 3 to 6 meters (about 10-20 ft) wide on top. The wall is of compacted earth covered by bricks and stones. From a bird's eye view the rectangular wall resembles a tortoise. There are six city gates, one each on the north and south walls, and two each on the west and east walls. The south gate is the head of the tortoise, the two wells outside being the two eyes of tortoise. The north gate, the lowest place of the city, is the tail of tortoise. Traditionally the tortoise was considered a symbol of longevity, so through ancient times the hopes were that PingyaoAncientCity would be permanently secure. There are 72 watchtowers on the top of city wall and 3,000 external battlements. It is said that the 72 watchtowers represent 72 people of great wisdom, the 3,000 battlements the 3,000 disciples of Confucius.

-The Rishengchang Draft Bank: The Rishengchang Draft Bank:It was established in 1823. It was the biggest draft bank at that time and had been famous for "Hui Tong Tian Xia"(Business Connecting The Whole World).
-The Mingqing Street: the downtown thoroughfare and reserved quite well of the styles in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

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