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Duration : 7 or more days
Starting Price : 1200USD/Person

Tour Description

Daocheng Yading is one of the Lost Horizons on earth. It is a beautiful fairyland hidden in the far west of Sichuan. It is not for the heart-fainted. To aspire the holy mountains include Yangmaiyong, Xiannairi and Xianuoduoji on a week-long bus tour from Chengdu. Embrace the stunning views of Milk Lake, Wuse Lake and Pearl Lake in the park will bring you an experience of lifetime. This 8-day adventure will also bring you to places including Mt. Siguniang, Tagong and Danba, etc.

Day 1 Chengdu – Mt. Siguniang
Start from your hotel by 8:00 passing the former earthquake center in Yingxiu and the natural habitat of pandas at Wolong. The drive is about 4-5 hours before arrive at the base of Mt. Siguniang at Rilong. After lunch, go hike the ridge at Haizigou to see the mountains of Siguniang. The walking is about 4-5km in total. It can be strenuous as you will be walking up but not steep. Catch the clear views of Mt. Siguniang if the weather is good. After worth go back the same way and check in hotel. Be careful when taking shower as the temperature drops dramatically at night. Also when you are sleep, try leave your window open a little bit to get airflow.Day 2 Mt. Siguniang - Tagong via Danba
Start by 8:30 in the morning and start to drive to Danba for about 3 hours. Arrive in Jiaju Village and have a visit to this beautiful tibetan village built in the mountain. There is a short walking you can do if the weather is good. You can try to eat lunch in the village to try the local flavor, the Jiarong Food. After the visit, keep driving towards Tagong for another 3 hours and en route have a look of Huiyuan Temple in Bamei, the birthplace of the 11th Dalai Lama. Arrive in Tagong and check in hotel. Today's hotel is the most basic one, you are recommended not to take shower as it is quite cold and the water is not always reliable even if it is the best hotel here. Tagong is a remote and authentic place where local tibetan people still kept their original way of living compare to other tibetan places.Day 3 Tagong - Litang
Today get up early to see the monastery of Tagong. In the early morning there are often local Tibetan people walking around the monastery, turning the prayer wheels. After simple breakfast, driving to Litang via the 318 National Highway passing over several road passes over 4000 meters. Today you will have several chances to walk out of the car to walk a bit at over 4000 meters before you arrive in Litang. Litang is a very high altitude place, it is called "the high town of China" at 3950 meters above sea level.Day 4 Litang – Riwa (Shangri-La Zhen)
Start by 8 am and go visit Litang Monastery before drive to the base of Yading for about 6-7 hours. Litang Monastery is one of the most important monasteries around this area and Litang has been a very nomadic place and home to many cowboys and herders. The drive will pass the highland Haizi Shan and Tu'er Shan and then Bowa Shan, all are over 4500 meters. Today you will enter the deep land of Tibet. After arrive in the base of Yading, called Riwa, check in hotel and prepare for the next day's hiking. There is no food option in Yading park so it is better to buy something in advance and carry them with you, good places to buy these are Chengdu on the day you arrive, something that can last more than a few days, or to try it in Litang if you want it to be simple.Day 5 Yading Hiking 01
Wake up before 7 and prepare for your first day hike in Yading. Leave your hotel by 7:00. First take the bus for about 1 hour from the entrance to Chonggu Temple where you will switch to electricity cars to ride further for another 20 minutes to Luorong Ranch. After arrive there you can see the peaks of Yangmaiyong and Xiaruoduoji . At Luorong Ranch you can either choose to walk to Milk lake and Wuse Lake have a horse-riding there. Need to get there early to book the horses if needed. In October often the horses are booked out after 9.00. Note that the horse ride can only take you to the first flat 2km and the rest 2km going up you need to do it on your own. Milk Lake is at its best by around 1.00 pm of the day in a good weather day. Wuse lake is also very beautiful but its higher. For people who are fit enough you can walk all the way up to the Songduo Pass which is another 30 minutes from Wuse lake and at the elevation of 4600 meters. The walking takes about 3 hours single way so it is from Luorong Ranch forth and back will need 6 hours of walking, consider you will need time to shoot photos, it is going to be a long day. Come back to Luorong Ranch where we take the golf car by the latest at 5.30pm and then use the bus to go back to the base of Yading and go back to the same hotel and rest.Day 6 Yading Hiking 02 - Daocheng
Today start from your hotel and use the public bus again by the entrance of the Yading Nature Reserve. Today you don’t have to use horse nor electricity car. The visit is to Pearl Lake by Chonggu Temple after your tourist bus ride. The Pearl Lake is by the foot of Xiannairi. It is a stunning lake with beautiful reflection of mountains around it. Xiannairi is considered by local people a Buddha with significance of religious sacredness. The walk is around half an hour to get there. After your photo and walking around there, come back the same way and ride to Daocheng. Overnight in Daocheng.Day 7 Daocheng - Kangding
Daocheng is a small city with an elevation of 3800 meters. With your walking on over 4000 meters in Yading Park, this height won’t be a challenge for you anymore. Daocheng is a nice city with colorful forest around it in fall. Today you will start to drive back to Chengdu using the same road. This is when you realize how far Yading is. But only the most beautiful view hides far and remote. Isn’t it? Another town is arranged for an overnight stay going back instead of Xinduqiao so you will have chance to see different places. Kangding is a historical town between the traditional Tibet and Chine and one of the important towns where ancient people do business on the Southern Silk Road. After around 8 hours of driving, arrive and check in hotel. Overnight in Kangding.Day 8 Kangding - Chengdu
Drive back to Chengdu full day and have a good rest on your bus/car. This is the day you start to recover from the stress of traveling and simmering the aftertaste of Yading. Maybe you can start to plan your visits to Chengdu or around. After a day’s drive arrive in Chengdu and you will be dropped off at your hotel. Your Yading Adventure tour ends.

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Image of Daocheng Yading Driving Tour - 8 Days Image of Daocheng Yading Driving Tour - 8 Days Image of Daocheng Yading Driving Tour - 8 Days Image of Daocheng Yading Driving Tour - 8 Days Image of Daocheng Yading Driving Tour - 8 Days

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