Tour 1: one-day tour to Beijing imperial culture

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Duration : 1 day
Starting Price : 132USD/Person

Tour Description

Beijing is distinguished from other cities by its imperial culture. This tour has a classic route for it. It involves two famous world cultural heritages ----- the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace, the places where ancient Chinese emperors worked and lived. The splendid collections inside are also sparkles on the tour. As the symbol of new China, the Tian’anmen Gate is a holy place. So in the morning, go there to see the Tian’anmen Square and take a souvenir photo with the gate. To make the tour more relaxing, an easy activity is arranged ------ tea art ceremony. Leave a chance to the tea hostess to perform for your trip. At the end, you can entertain your eyes, ears and legs in a theater to watch a traditional art performance, Shaolin Kongfu or acrobatics.



8:00    start from hotel
8:30—12:00     Tian’anmen Square + the Forbidden City        (Admission fee: 60CNY)

Pass by National Center for the Performing Arts. Have a walk on the politic center of China, Tian'anmen Square. Have a souvenir photo with the symbol of the new China ----- Tian’anmen Gate. Visit the largest and best-preserved imperial palace and the largest museum of China, the Forbidden City.

12:30---- 13:30   have a lunch break at  Baijia restaurant       (per capita 100 CNY)
Have lunch break in a former palace garden and taste royal cuisine and snacks.

14:00 ---16:00    the Summer Palace       (Admission: 30CNY)
Have a walk in the picturesque royal garden. Take a dragon boat across the Kunming Lake. On the isle, take a picture with your families under the old willow tree by the lake. The blue sky, white cloud, hills in the distance, clear ripples, bridge, breeze and laughter will be immortal memory in your life.

17:00 ----- 18:00    Runqiyuan Tea House    (50CNY/person)
Watch a tea ceremony and have a break, taste 5 kinds of Chinese tea, learn about  tea functions, making methods, drinking etiquette and tea set appreciation.

19:30 ----- 20:50     Legend of Kongfu at the Red theatre   (Ticket: 480/380/ 280CNY)
                 Watch a show which blends traditional and modern performing art. It will feast your eyes.


Total mileage:   minimum 60 km (38 miles) 
Walking distance: 7km at least(4.35 miles)
Duration:   13 hours (8:30---21:20 )


Price:       US$ 132 (800 CNY) per group not per person
Number of Travelers:  1 ---- 10 people

Inclusion:        tour planning, guide's service, photography service
                 Admission fees:  90 CNY/ person in total. It includes:
                                  the Forbidden City: 60CNY/person  
                                  the Summer Palace: 30 CNY/person
                 Tea ceremony charge: 50CNY/person
                                   There are no charge for my tickets.

                 Show ticket  (280/ 380/ 480 CNY)  (book in advance. No need deposit.)

                 Lunch:  150CNY/person    It's the expense per capita of the restaurant. The exact cost depends what you order.

Reference to transportation for the tour:

A private car === US$132  (800 CNY)
7-seated Refine ==== US$ 140  (850 CNY)
7-seated Buick === US$ 157  (950 CNY)
14-seated or 17 seated Toyota === US$ 165 (1000CNY)
22-seated Coaster === US$ 198   (1200 CNY)

Prices include vehicle charter driver's service and allowance, fuel and parking fee, exclusive of the driver's working lunch (40 CNY each))   (mileage limit: 100km (62mile)


How to book the tour?
           You can contact me by email. Let me know your name, flight, contact information and your request. I will send you a formal itinerary as the agreement between us. Doposit is not requested.
           If you need to cancel the tour, please advise me 10 days ahead of time so I can arrange the other job.  Please be sure you need the tour before you book the tour. 

Reconfirmation: I will contact you for reconfirmation by email and cell phone message 2 days before the tour starts.

The tour is flexible. On the tour, you can change, adjust, skip and cancel any activity on the itinerary as you like.

Payment Method:

        1. Entrance tickets, lunch, transportation fees can be paid by you on the tour.
        2. The guide service fee can be paid to me when the tour is over.
        3.  You can pay in Cash. Chinese Yuan is preferable. 

Attractions Visited in This Tour

Image of Tour 1: one-day tour to Beijing imperial culture Image of Tour 1: one-day tour to Beijing imperial culture Image of Tour 1: one-day tour to Beijing imperial culture

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