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Duration : 2 days
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Tour Description

  • TIAN JIN is a wonderfel city for tourism .
  • it will takes us 2days to visit all the scenic spots. I am also an photographer and during your trip ,i will record every moments during your trip .
  1. Tianjin Eye(天津之眼)

    Construction of the "Tianjin Eye" can take sightseers on a 360 degree tour of Tianjin. With 48 transparent cabins that can seat eight passengers each, up to 384 people can ride the Tianjin Eye at a time. Riders will enjoy views of the city at different heights.

  2. Tianjin TV Tower(天津塔)

    Tianjin TV Tower is located in the urban south-west, with a total height of 415.2 meters for fourth in the world, Asia's second tower

  3. Wudadao District(五大道)

    Foreign villas are assembled in Wudadao District, which includes five main avenues of Machangdao, Munandao, Dalidao, Chongqingdao and Chengdudao. There are altogether 22 roads, with a total length of 17 kilometers and an area of 1.28 square kilometers. There are over 2000 garden-style villas built in 1920s and 30s by different countries. It occupies 600,000 square meters of land and the total area is 1,000,000 square meters. There're over 300 sites of scenery buildings and famous people. It is recognized globally as the Exposition of Neoteric Architectures.

  4. Tianjin Food Street(天津南市食品街)

    Tianjin Food street is the biggest food emporium in China. While tasting famous snacks from all over the country, you can also savor dishes with the flavors of eight Chinese Cuisines. All of these add to its high reputation as a food palace.

  5. Goubuli Baozi(狗不理包子)

    Goubuli Baozi was created in 1858 by a native man named Gao Guiyou of wuqing county, his nickname is Gouzi.

    As his business was done well, he was always too busy to greet his customers.

    Therefore, people often played a joke on him and said that gouzi only cared about selling stuffed bunes but not about the people. As time went by, people changed Gouzi to Goubuli as his stuffed bun to Goubuli baozi.

  6. Italian Amorous Feeling Street(意式风情街)

Attractions Visited in This Tour

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