Mt Genyen Exploration Trek 7 - 12 Days

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Duration : 7 or more days
Starting Price : 900USD/Person

Tour Description

Genyen Massif Exploration Trips

From 2016 I have been exploring this part of China every year and found this place really remote and wild yet so beautiful and not many people know. I have been exploring this place myself and if you are also interested in such trips, please contact me.

Genyen is called Holy Mountain Genyen or Genie in Tibetan. It is one of the 24 holy mountains in Tibet. It is home to over dozens of high mountains. Genyen also indicates the massif itself. The highest peak of Genyen is also named Mt. Genie or Mt. Genyen, with an altitude of 6204 meters. Mt. Genyen is ranked the 3rd highest mountain in Sichuan Province. Mt. Genyen is the highest mountain in Shaluli Range. It is a holy place for many Tibetan people. Genyen Massif is located south to Litang and 800km west to Chengdu. Genyen is one of the most wild and unexplored parts of China that few people have explored. It is home to many kinds of species, plants, and highland turquoises lakes, unsummited peaks, hot springs, hidden monasteries and the original nomads people. 

Attractions Visited in This Tour

Image of Mt Genyen Exploration Trek 7 - 12 Days

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