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Duration : 1 to 4 hours
Starting Price : 100USD/Person

Tour Description

Qibao Town, literally: "Seven Treasures Town" in Chinese, and it is a town in Minhang District, Shanghai. If you are a foodie and also like scenery of the ancient town, this tour fits you well. This 3-hour small group tour takes you to see the closest ancient water town near by Shanghai city - Qibao, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of small alleyways, picturesque canals, and historical architectures of Ming and Qing dynasties. In addition, you will taste up to 8 different kinds of street food, such as Haitang cake,crab-meat dumplings, steaming sticky rice ball (tangyuan) soup, fried potatoes, muttons with source and many other choices.

Your guide will meet you up at the center of Shanghai, People Square. And then start your 3-hour food tour at Qibao ancient town by subway. Upon arrival, you will stroll around the Qibao old street, and you will find many historical architectures from Ming and Qing dynasties. There are beautiful stone bridges on the canals, where you can take some nice pictures. You will also find many interesting souvenir shops in town. Continue on the south street, there are many different food shops, and you can taste up to 8 different food items from following:

  • Haitang cake (sweet cake)
  • Crab-meat dumpling Sticky rice ball sweet soup (Tangyuan soup)
  • Fried potato balls
  • Cooked mutton with sauce
  • Colored steamed buns
  • Tofu Jelly
  • Lotus leaf pork
  • Beggar’s Chicken
  • Vegetarian chicken(bean curd roll)

After food tasting, you will visit a tea house right by the canal to have a cup of Chinese tea. There are several kinds you can choose from, such as Green Dragon , Jasmine tea, Oolong tea.

After your tour is finished, your tour guide will send you back to the Qibao subway station as show you how to get back to your hotel from there. 

Attractions Visited in This Tour

Image of Qibao food tour in Shanghai Image of Qibao food tour in Shanghai Image of Qibao food tour in Shanghai

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