Side trip to Jiangya Reservoir

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Duration : 4 to 8 hours
Starting Price : 120USD/Person

Tour Description

drive along beautiful valley and verdant stretching mountain range, and local farm houses about 1.5 hours, look forward to grandeur of Jiangya reservoir, and its splendid landscape, take a boat tour to have enjoyable time blessing with fresh,clean, beautiful water, and fantastic mountain range, have delicious fresh water fish dinner,it is very unusual and unforgetable visit.

Jiangya reservoir situates in Cili county, north of Wulingyuan,Zhangjiajie city, 50 KM away from Wulingyuan scenic district, on the border with Hunan and Hubei Province, overlooking 3 counties like Cili county, Sangzhi county, Jiangkou county, the reservoir’s purposes are for power, irrigation, transportation, water supply and tourism, the general capacity of the reservoir 17.4 billion cubic meter, flood control capacity is 0.74 billion cubic meter, power capacity is 0.3 million kw, water transport is 124km,reservior and mountain scape is splendid, alot of fresh water fish resource, fish men live in the reservoir

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Image of Side trip to Jiangya Reservoir

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