Songshan Shaolin Temple

Image of Songshan Shaolin Temple
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Duration : 3 to 5 days
Starting Price : 600USD/Person

Tour Description

In this tour, we will go to visit Songshan Shaolin Temple. I will be your tour guide and English interpreter. The duration of this tour is 3-5 days. The charge for this tour is 600USD per person for 3-5 days.

First day: We will visit the buildings of Songshan Shaolin Temple and watch a perfect Kungfu performance.

Second day: We will climb Wuru peak to see Darma Cave(Darma is the first ancestor of Shaolin).

Third day: We will take a cable car, then go to visit Sanhuangzhai(three emperors's village).

Fourth day: I can guide you to buy some special items.

Fifth day: I will see you off, then the tour end.

If you have any requirements or ideas, you can talk to me in advance, I will try my best to serve you well.

Attractions Visited in This Tour

Image of Songshan Shaolin Temple Image of Songshan Shaolin Temple

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