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Duration : 2 days
Starting Price : 100USD/Person

Tour Description

  • We will visit the places at below:
  • The old town  (In the western part of central Shantou). Most of the lovely historic buildings are so dilapidated that it seems like a European city that has been bombed. They are slowly being torn down and replaced with ugly modern buildings, so see it while you can! The one section that is marked for preservation is the part that is next to the renovated post office and the Shantou Founding Museum .
  • The former residence of Chen Cihong, (North of central Shantou. If you go by bus, be sure to ask when the last trip back into town is, though if you miss it, you might still be able to catch a different bus by walking to the highway). A mansion built in the early 20th century, still pretty much intact.  
  • Nan'ao Island. This is one of the most beautiful islands in China. It is not popular yet, mostly because of its inconvenient transportation. However, due to that, the island still hasn't been overdeveloped and has kept its original view. Here you can not only get the most gorgeous sea view but also a taste of the real life of fishermen in China. Besides that, it is a fantastic place to taste all kinds of seafood. The transportation in the island is not that convenient so it's better to rent car.

Attractions Visited in This Tour

Image of Shantou trip

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