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Hello, there, this is Albert who based in Guangzhou. I am a native and have been a tour guide and interpreter for more than 4 years, if you come to China , I deficinately can help you,the itinerary maybe like this:

Day 1,Guangzhou Baiyun mountain in the morning, after lunch go to Shangxiajiu street for shopping or visit the Muslim temple or other temples, around 6pm to dinner, after dinner go to the night cruise nearby Canton tower,which has the amazing view you will ever see.

Day 2 can choose go to region where far away from downtown or nearby city center, we can discuss in day one, Nansha district of GZ there are sunflower garden, goddess temple, and etc…Sunflower garden is famous throughout the entire Guangdong province,people are willing bare the long distance journey to experience the amazing floewr garden.
Wine, beer or specialty sampling we can try. After 6 pm ,we can go to some bar to try the local beers or cocktails, if you have interest. At midnight we even can enjoy the China nightclubs where hasve many chinese young pretties,and I am sure you will love it.

Day 3 we can go to the nearby cities,like Foshan,Dongguang,Zhonfshan.Zhuhai.most factories are situated in Dongguan city,therefore if you want to source some products,there will be a good place for you;likewise, Foshan is famous by its furniture manufactories.during the trip perhaps you can see some tables or beds which are your type. In my perspective,we go to other cities, the transportation should br TAXI or train. TAXi is convenient but a little bit expensive and you need to pay the toll as well.

Day 4, If you want to see the southern China sea, you can go to Zhuhai or back to GZ,or even go to Hongkong.If not ,continued to discover this beautiful area full of passion-driven winegrowers.
  Visit the traditional local farm land and the cellars, where hundreds of wooden barrels are lined up. During this visit, you will improve your regarding of chinese farmers.

A stroll into the past: Enjoy a nice walk in Foshan and discover this City of Art and History,  In the company of your local expert, visit the charming heart of the city with its historical half-timbered houses and private mansions.  explore one of the underground caves that was dug from the 10th-12th century, in order to extract the famous stone used to build all the monuments of the region. Before saying goodbye, share an aperitif made of local products
7.00 pm:  Back to the hotel in Tours.

Day3, if you choose to Foshan, the schedule is like this :

After hotel pickup, your driver and English-speaking guide will take you by private, air-conditioned vehicle to Foshan City. Located just 50 minutes from Guangzhou in Guangdong province, Foshan is a city famous for its long cultural history. Founded during the Jin Dynasty, Foshan was a well-populated village inhabited by fishermen and farmers as early as the Qin and Han dynasties. By the Tang (618-907 AD) and Song (960-1279 AD) dynasties, Foshan was already an important trade port in Southern China – renowned for its handicrafts, commerce and culture. First, visit the Foshan Ancestral Temple (Foshan Zu Miao), built in 1078-1085 for sacrificial offerings to the Northern Xuantian Heavenly Emperor, a revered Daoist deity. Reconstructed in 1372 after the original building was destroyed, the formerly named Zumiao Temple was Foshan’s first temple. As you tour the Ancestral Temple, admire the locally produced decorations, furnishings and ceramics for which Foshan is known. Your guide will enlighten you about the temple’s use, before the Qing Dynasty, as a meeting place to conduct official business. Your guide will take you to a local restaurant to enjoy a lunch of traditional Chinese specialties. Then, head to Shiwan village to visit the Nanfeng Ancient Furnace, a kiln built in the early 16th century and still used for firing ceramics today. Named for the cool summer winds that blew at the back of the furnace through the banyan trees growing there, Nanfeng is a fine example of a ‘dragon kiln,’ as its roof resembles the scales of a dragon’s back. Learn from your guide about the flame, which has burned continuously for 500 years – ever since the Tang Dynasty! Watch a demonstration by a skilled artisan and try your hand at the pottery wheel. With a 5,000-year-long history of ceramic making that reached its peak in the Ming and Qing dynasties, Shiwan’s ceramic tiles are considered some of the best in the world. Wander through the Shiwan Art Ceramics Market with your guide and see animal sculptures and human figurines for which the kiln became famous during the Qing Dynasty of the 1600s. Browse the stalls to see different replicas of modern and ancient designs. Your day trip concludes with private transport back to your hotel in Guangzhou.

Last but not the least,

Tailor-made trip of course can be offered,you can tell me what is your favourite place and food and etc...
I could give you some suggestions about hotel conditions, locations, services, whether the staff speak English when you choose a hotel.

- I can pick you up at the Airport or Train Station so you wont feel nervous if this is your first time to Guangzhou and dont know much about Chinese language.

- If you need to book train/flight tickets i might can help you too.

- I could be your shopping assistant or assistant of living in Guangzhou, such as Guangzhou local food, supermarket, open markets, electrical appliances, where to go for nightlifes, theaters or so. Looking forward to meeting you.

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