The Snow-Capped Xiling Mountain

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Tour Description

The Snow-Capped Xiling Mountain Scenic Area is located in Dayi County,105kilometers from chengdu ,and covers a total area of 483 square kilometers. Primarily known for its virgin forest,the Snow-Capped Xiling Mountain Scenic Area consists of green mountains,snow-capped plateaus,steep peaks,amazibg stones,spectacular waterfalls and exotic wildlife and animals. With diffefent seasonal views at various vertical levels,this high mountain is especially attractive, with many kinds of flowers in spring,beautiful waterfalls in summer,colorful leaves in autumn and dazzling white snow and ice in winter. Driving westwards about 95 kilometers from chengdu you will arrive at the Snow-Capped Xiling Mountain in Dayi County in an hour. The great variation of altitude and temprature gives the scenic area the advantage ofviewing all of the seasons all the year around. The famous saying "boundless sights are seen only at the summit" gives us the essence of sightseeing.