Western Sichuan Highland and Tibet Area Tour 2016

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Duration : 7 or more days
Starting Price : 2000USD/Person

Tour Description

Western Sichuan Highland and Tibet Area Tour 2016 (Mid Oct is the best color)

Day 0: October 13
Day 12: October 25

Day 0: arrive in Chengdu

Day 1: Start workshop, drive from Chengdu to Hailuogou

(341km – 5 hours!)
Day 2: Hailuogou

Day 3: Hailuogou to Kangding
(70km – 2 hours!)

Where do we stay that night Kangding or Mugecuo?
we stay in Kangding

Day 4: Mugecuo to Yajiang
(100km – 2 hours!)

Day 5: Yajiang to Litang
134km -3.30 Hours

Day 6: Litang to Yading Daocheng to Riwa town(Yading)
this drive 434km- How long 8H,  

We drive 12 hours, this area is  beautiful, we stop many times for photography, we stay in Daocheng,  Daocheng to Riwa town(Yading) 100 km, Riwa town is the entrance to the main scenic spot,  (Litang is a county on the way, we can’t stay there over night, bed condition)

Day 7: Yading 
Day 8: Yading 

Day 9 : Yading to Litang  this ride is the most beautitul area in the trip
(264km – 5-6 hours)

Day 10: Litang to Xinlong to Bai Gangzi
(260km – 8 hours!)

Day 11:Gangzi to Serta
(152km – 4 hours!)
Day 12: Serta

Day 13: Sera to Luhuo
(156km – 3 hours!)

Day 14: Luhuo to Danba
(234km – 6 hours)

Day 15: Danba to
Rilong Balang to Chengdu
(416km – 8 hours!)

Day16: Chengdu, conclusion of the tour.


By Jeffrey Tang,

Your Travel Facilitaor in Zhangjiajie

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Included attractions in the tour: