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Duration : 7 or more days
Starting Price : 315USD/Person

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15 day Overland Tibet Tours Sichuan to Tibet Northern Route




as far as know  chengdu-lhasa over  land over  tour is a deeping explore tour , you need  taking long  travel  , not only  get  ready you cash , but your  energy and emotion, l know  you like   tibetan culture , go with you big lens , experience  real of diffrient  culture  , 



Chengdu/ Kangding(370km)

Kangdiang Taining Hotel


It's 147KM from Chengdu to Kangding.The first place we'll go is Yaan.It's famous for its" rain,beauty woman and fish". Our car is driving along the dainty Qingyi river and pass into the mountain Erlang.It's 3437M and the first difficult road because of the high,narrow way. On the nightfall, we will arrive at Kangding.we can go to Erdao bridge hot spring to have a rest.


Kangding/ Tagong/ Bamei( 215km)

Bamei dorm bed


Drving from Kangding to Bamei to visit Tanggong Monastery, afternoon visit Garthar Chode Monastery of Bamei.


Bamei/ Daofu/ Luhuo(180km)

Luhuo Standard room


Drive from Bamei to Daofu visit Nyitso Monastery, then to Luhuo, visit Drango Gompa.


Luhuo/ Kasuo-tso ( Kasa Lake)/ Ganzi(100km)

Ganzi Standard room


Drive from Luohuo to Ganze, about 20km from Ganzi have a look at Kasuo-tso. In the afternoon visit Garze Monastery and some small monsteries around.


Ganzi/ Manigango/ Yihun La-tso ( Xinlu hai)/ Derge(220km)

Derge Standard room


Drive from Ganzi to Manigango, around 13km after Manigango is Yilhun La-tso ( Xinluhai), a stunning, holy alpine lake bordered by chortens and dozens of rock carvings. And you will have a chance to the huge glaciers of 6018m Que'er Mountain. Arrives at Gerge to visit Derge Bakong Scripture Printing Press and Monastery.


Derge/ Chamdo(340km)

Chamdo standard room


Drive from Derge to Chamdo via Jomda, crossing the Jinsha river at the boarder and several high passes.


Chamdo/ Riwoche(105km), 5-6hours, rough road, 3800m

Riwoche dorm bed


Chamdo is the major transport, administrative and trade centre of the Kham region. In the morning visit Jampaling Monastery on the hilltop, do pilgrimage circumambulation. Then drive to Riwoche.


Riwoche/ Tengchen (150KM)

Tengchen dorm bed


Morning drive to visit Riwoche Monastery Tsuglhakhang, then start driving to Tengchen, visit Zhizhu Monastery, considered to be Tibet's largest Bon Monastery. This part road from Riwoche to Tengchen is very narrow, better no stop on the way.


Tengche/ Sok (306km)

Sok dorm bed


Today you will see the fabulous views of nomad camps and yak herds made tiny by the huge range of snowy peaks to the south, cross the stunning Shel-la(4830m) pass, probably you will have a chance to visit the impressive Sok Tsanden Monastery, the miniature Potala.


Sok/ Nagchu (238km)

Nagchu standard room


Today you will be well and truly in the grasslands of northern Tibetan. on the way you will pass several small villages, nomad tents.


Nagchu/ Namtso Lake (210km)

Namtso Tent Guest Houese


Take the Qinghai-Tibet Hway to arrive at Damxung, then pass the Largen-La, arrives at one of the three holy lakes in Tibet - Namtso. You can do a bit walking at Namtso Lake side.


Namtso lake/ Tsurphu Monastery/ Lhasa(350km)

Hotel by yourself


Morning time take photo of sunrise beside the Namtso lake , then driving pass by Nagqu Grassland back to Lhasa, on the way you will have a chance enjoy Yangbache- hotspring. Driving rough road vist Tsurphu Monastery which is original Monastery for Grupa. Then send you back to Lhasa' hotel you stayed.


Lhasa (100km)

Lhasa Fengyaxuan Grand Hotel


Morning time visit Potala Palace. Afternoon visit Jokhang Temple, then walk around Barkhor Market.


Lhasa (100km)

Lhasa Fengyaxuan Grand Hotel


Morning time visit Norbulingka. Afternoon visit Sera Monastery.


Train/ Flight out of Lhasa.(80km)



Guide and driver on time dropping off to Lhasa train station or airport end the trip.


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