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Duration : 5 to 7 days
Starting Price : 1356USD/Person

Tour Description

From ancient times, Sichuan has been appraised as the Kingdom of Abundance, which mostly for the fertile land around Chengdu. Actually, there are so many destinations to visit if we get further north or west, a paradise for family holidays.
However, for this family tour package, it focuses on Chengdu and its suburb. The tour will start in Chengdu city tour. There will have hiking, biking and making local food and Pottery Art by your hand. You can enjoy the nature, culture and history in funny tour. This package also includes Panda Base Volunteering Work Experience. For sure, it is also one of the highlights of your family vacation.

Day 1 Arrive in Chengdu
Our tour begins today. Be met the local guide at Chengdu Airport, we drive to the downtown. After lunch, we go to Wuhou Temple, a memorial temple of Zhu Geliang, a legend of wisdom in Chinese history during the Three Kingdoms period. Then we go to the Bamboo Park to see how the local people enjoy their daily life in a tea house situated among the nice bamboo woods. You can enjoy with them, like how local people do.
In the evening, we will take you to enjoy a Facing Changing Show.

Day 2 Chengdu to E'mei Mountain
This morning, we will drive to experience Chinese Pottery Art. We will take you to an old kiln cave to have the greatest fun by making handcraft of porcelain and pottery. This kiln cave hide in a peaceful village, in a dragon shape standing for over hundred years since Qing Dynasty.
After lunch, we drive to Leshan for Giant Buddha. The Giant Buddha locates right at the confluence of the three rivers of Minjiang, Qingyi River and Dadu River. We can take a 0.5 hour's boat cruise to have a face-to-face view of it from the center of the rivers. Either we will enter the Giant Buddha Park to get a close admire of the largest Buddha in the world. In the park, we take steep steps down to the foot of the Giant Buddha along its left side. We can take specified angle for photo shoot from the head to the foot.
Followed with the Giant Buddha, we drive to E'mei.

Day 3 E'mei Mountain
Mt. Emei is like a huge green screen standing in the southwest of the Chengdu Plain. It is the highest one among all the famous sight-seeing mountains in China. Its main peak, the Golden Summit, is 3079.3 meters (10,103 feet) above the sea level, seemingly reaching the sky. In 1996 Mt. Emei was enlisted in the world natural and cultural heritage by the UNESCO.
This morning, we will ascend up to the Golden Summit of Mt. Emei by bus, then by cable car.
After enjoy the panoramic view of Mt. Emei on the top of the mountain, we will descend the mountain down to Qingyinge, where we come to see wild monkeys.
We also enjoy some free time to explore around before we start descend the mountain by the green bus. After that, we transfer to Qingchengshan.

Day 4 Qingcheng Mountain
Mt. Qingcheng is one of the most famous Taoist mountains in China. It is also a very attractive and intriguing scenic spot that is covered by luxuriant and verdant trees.
After breakfast, we go to hike on Qingcheng Mountain. As the early residence of one of the Taoist founders and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Qingcheng Mountain's path is lined with temples and sanctuaries. As such, it is the perfect retreat from bustling city life and provides visitors with a profound sense of calm. Visitors spend several hours on the tranquil mountain route, enjoying the peace of the natural surroundings. Less crowded and tourist-frequented than neighboring mountains, Qingcheng Mountain's hiking path is tranquil and allows visitors to enjoy peace of mind and peace of nature in the elevated surroundings.
The total hike lasts between 3 to 4 hours, and is approximately 10 to 12 kilometers long.

Day 5 Panda Base
This morning, we will go to China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda Dujiangyan Base. The Dujiangyan Giant Panda Base is located in Shiqiao Village, Qingchengshan Town. Aided by the Hong Kong SAR Government, it is the first research base which aiming to pandas' rescue and disease prevention and control.
If you like, we will have an impressive experience to be a panda volunteer, and get more knowledge on protecting and taking care the pandas.
After visiting Dujiangyan Panda Base, we head to visit Yuantong Old Town. This riverside town is very impressive and peaceful. Huang Family Courtyard is the most famous sight. Yuantong Old Town is not touristy. It remains true to its past.

Day 6 Country Biking
Pixian County, is the heart of west Sichuan basin. It is located nearby Jiangan River, which goes into Dujiangyan Irrigation System. This half-day biking tour will let us explore the typical Sichuan country life, enjoy the landscapes of Chengdu Plain, and discover the secrets of the land of abundance.
After about 2-3 hours biking, we drive about half hour to visit Sichuan Cuisine Museum. It is a museum dedicated to the history, nuances, and ingredients of one of China's major culinary traditions, Sichuan food. This is a very unique museum, dedicated to Sichuan Cuisine, one of the most popular cuisine around China. After that, we drive back to Chengdu downtown.

Day 7 Depart Chengdu
Today in the morning we drive about 2 hours to Guanghan for the Sanxingdui Museum. It represents a totally different culture as the Zhongyuan (Orient of the Middle Kingdom) Culture. In the past, people believe that Zhongyuan is the orient of Chinese all cultures, all the ethnic groups live in the borders now are descendants of the immigrants from north China. But Sanxingdui archaeological discovery challenge the popular theory.
Then we drive directly to Chengdu airport for your flight to the next destination or back home.
Trip ends. (B, L)

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