Bungee Jump in Bhotekoshi

Image of Bungee Jump in Bhotekoshi
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Duration : 1 day
Starting Price : 150USD/Person

Tour Description

Bungee jumping in the Bhotekoshi River area is an adrenaline-pumping adventure that's sure to satisfy thrill-seekers. Located near Kathmandu in Nepal, this bungee jumping spot offers an electrifying experience as you leap from a suspension bridge into the dramatic Bhote Koshi River gorge. Plummeting towards the raging river below, you'll feel an unparalleled rush of excitement and sheer exhilaration. The breathtaking natural surroundings, including cascading waterfalls and lush greenery, add to the thrill. With expert safety measures and trained staff, this bungee jumping location in the Bhotekoshi region provides a heart-pounding adventure amidst the stunning landscapes of Nepal's wilderness.

Image of Bungee Jump in Bhotekoshi

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