Taste of Nepal: Exploring Kathmandu's Food Scene

Image of Taste of Nepal: Exploring Kathmandu's Food Scene
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Duration : 1 day
Starting Price : 199USD/Person

Tour Description

A delicious excursion that takes you to the thriving culinary scene of Nepal's capital city is the Food Tour in Kathmandu. As you go through crowded marketplaces, street food booths, and undiscovered local restaurants, discover the flavorful cuisine of Nepal and its fragrant spices. Eat momo, a popular dish of dumplings, enjoy fragrant curries and lentil soups, and experience the distinctive flavors of Newari food. As you engage with regional chefs and food aficionados, immerse yourself in the cultural traditions around food preparation and dining practices. The Food Tour in Kathmandu offers a pleasant study of the many flavors and culinary heritage of Nepal, leaving your taste buds delighted and enhancing your knowledge of Nepalese culture. Dishes on the tour range from traditional delicacies to modern fusion concoctions.


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Image of Taste of Nepal: Exploring Kathmandu's Food Scene

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