Bogside murals tour.

Image of Bogside murals tour.

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Duration : 1 to 4 hours
Starting Price : 15USD/Person

Tour Description

This walking tour takes in the modern history of Derry. The Civil Rights Movement began here 1967 leading to the Battle of the Bogside 1969 and the Bloody Sunday massacre 30th January 1972. The Battle of the Bogside leads directly to the modern day conflict that occurred here with the reintroduction of the British Army and the Irish Republican Army coming because of this event. Bloody Sunday massacre carried out by the 1st Battalion of the Parachute Regiment on innocent civilians in January 1972 leads to people turning away from the peaceful Civil Rights Movement and towards armed conflict. This tour will also examine both the Widgery and Saville inquries in to Bloody Sunday and takes you in to the heart of Derry's Bogside and explains the meaning of the political murals in the area.

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