South Luogu Lane

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Duration : 1 day
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Tour Description

  1. South Luogu Lane is 786 meters long and 8 meters wide, connecting Gulou East St. on its north and Di’anmen East St. on the south. South Luogu Lane was built in 1267 when Yuan Da Du was constructed, and was a component of the market area in Yuan Da Du’s urban layout, which had the imperial  government built in the front, the market area at the back, the imperial ancestral temple on the left, and the sacrificial altar on the right. The lane was part of the Zhaohui Community in the Yuan Dynasty, and served as the dividing line between the Zhaohui community and the Jinggong Community in the Ming Dynasty. It was under the jurisdiction of the Xianghuang Banner during the years of Emperor Qianlong, and belonged to the Left III Community in the late years of Emperor Guangxu and during the years of Emperor Xuantong. During the Republic of China years, it belonged to the Inner V Community. 

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Image of South Luogu Lane Image of South Luogu Lane Image of South Luogu Lane

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