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Duration : 5 to 7 days
Starting Price : 1582USD/Person

Tour Description

Day 01 Arrival at Beijing

On arrival in Beijing, you will be meet by our tour guide and transferred to your hotel in Beijing.Relax during the remainder of the afternoon and evening to recover from the jet lag.

Day 02 Beijing (B L)-- Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Niujie Mosque , Temple of Heaven

After breakfast at your hotel, start your tour to explore Beijing from the largest city square in the world; the impressive Tiananmen Square(40minutes). From there we will enter the "Imperial Palace" known as the Forbidden City(2hours) to explore its many fascinating halls and pavilions.

Tiananmen square:

Tiananmen Square--The biggest downtown Square of the world,where you can visit Tiananmen Tower, Monument to the People's Heroes, Great Hall of the People, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall and see the national flag raising ceremony. Thousands of people come to the Square every day. It is the must place to visit in Beijing City.

Forbidden city:

Forbidden City is one of most popular tourism destination for the tourists from home and aboard, it is really a must see in Beijing, your Beijing trip is not complete without visiting it, the forbidden city a showcase for Chinese architecture and Chinese history. You can also learn a lot of the Chinese culture in it, how the emperor's life is like, what are the imperial court is like, everything there is so impressive, definitely you can't miss it.The Forbidden City is China's largest and best-preserved complex of ancient buildings. So called because it was off limits for 500 years, when it was steeped in stultifying ritual and Byzantine regal protocol.Having been the imperial palace for some five centuries, it houses numerous rare treasures and curiosities.

After lunch and prayer at Niujie Mosque(1hour).Then we will visit the Temple of Heaven(1.5hours), the place where the Emperors worshipped the Heaven for good harvests. Transfer to your hotel.

Temple of Heaven:

The Temple of Heaven in the southern part of Beijing is China's largest existing complex of ancient sacrificial buildings. The Temple of Heaven is situated in the southern part of Beijing, about 6 Km away from the center of the city. Traditionally, this temple was for imperial use only. It was built in 1420, covering an area of 273 hectares, it is the one of the largest parks in Beijing.The Temple of Heaven was originally established as the Temple of Heaven and Earth.The Temple of Heaven was the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties worshipped heaven and prayed for good harvests.

Niujie Mosque:

The Mosque is located in Beijing's Xuanwu District, the spiritual centre for the 10,000 Muslims living in the vicinity and it is the biggest and oldest one in Beijing. Niujie in Xuanwu District, where the mosque is located, is the largest area inhabited by Muslims in Beijing.

Day 03 Beijing (B L)-- Badaling Great Wall,Ming Tomb ,Sacred Way

Morning excursion to the most beautiful section of the Great Wall - the Badaling Great Wall(2hours).In 220 B.C., under Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, sections of earlier fortifications were joined together to form a united defense system against invasions from the north. Construction of the great wall continued up to the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), when the Great Wall became the world's largest military structure. Its historic and strategic importance is matched only by its architectural significance.

Badaling Great Wall:

Badaling Great Wall, a most famous section of the Great Wall, is located at Yanqing County in Beijing. Longqing Gorge sits at Yanqing County as well as Badaling Great Wall, so Longqing Gorge also attracts large number of tourists after Badaling Great Wall. Badaling, literally meaning "reach eight directions", got its name because the maze of its ridges stretches in all directions.

In the afternoon we will visit the Ming Tomb Sacred Way(1hour) where we will learn the ancient Chinese Fengshui Theory. Transfer to your hotel.

Sacred Way:

The Sacred Way meaning the road leading to Heaven. It is part of the Ming Tombs complex. The emperor, known as the "Son of Heaven" went through the sacred road to the sacrificial altar to converse Heaven during his reign, naturally, after his death, he would also go through the Sacred Way back to heaven. It is a road usually built in front of an ancient Chinese mausoleum, which symbolically led emperors to Heaven. The Sacred Way in the Ming Tomb is a typical one.

Day 04 Beijing/Chengde by Coach (B L)-- Summer Palace,Kunming lake

After breakfast, start your morning tour with the visit to the Summer Palace(2hours), originally a royal garden and a temporary dwelling palace for emperors of Qing Dynasty. Then take a boat ride on the beautiful Kunming lake(1hour).

Summer Palace:

The Summer Palace has three main sections including the political active region, living section and visiting area. The serious and imperatorial Renshou Hall is the representative of the political area in Summer Palace.The palace features hundreds of architecturally distinct buildings, halls, pavilions, pagodas, bridges and corridors dispersed among magnificent and elegant gardens.

Have lunch in a special characteristic restaurant.In the afternoon we will move on to the Chengde by Coach.

Day 05 Chengde/Beijing by Coach (B L)-- Mountain Resort,Chengde Mosque

After breakfast at hotel, we will visit the world heritage site of Mountain Resort. Construction of the Mountain Resort took a total of 87 years and the buildings and gardens cover an area of 560 hectares. At the Mountain Resort, they built a summer residence, exploiting mountains, woods and other existing natural features to which they added contrived landscapes to make settings for innumerable pavilions, palaces and temples.

Summer Mountain Resort:

The Mountain Resort and its Outlying Temples, Chengde, is a piece of landscape design that served as the summer resort of the Qing emperors. By the end of the 17th century the Qing emperors had established their capital at Beijing, and they began to look around for somewhere cool and green to retreat to when the dusty heat of summer set in. They found what they were looking for at Chengde, beyond the Great Wall.Here they created a summer residence, exploiting mountains, woods and other existing natural features. 

After lunch and prayer at Chengde Mosque we will drive back to Beijing.

Day 06Beijing/Tianjin/Beijing (B L)--Great Mosque of Tianjin , Food Street ,the Culture Street,Wudadao Street

After breakfast, start your morning tour with the visit to Tianjin, Tianjin is 130 kilometers southeast of Beijing, serving as Beijing's gateway to the Bohai Sea. People started to settle in Tianjin in the Song Dynasty (AD960-AD1279). By the 15th century it had become a garrison town enclosed by walls. Upon arrival in Tianjin we will visit the most famous mosque in Tianjin - Great Mosque of Tianjin and the Food Street(1hour).

Great Mosque:

Tianjin Great Mosque has been an important Islamic shrine since the beginning of the Qing Dynasty . Extending over an area of 5000 square meters, it consists of four main structures, the Screen Wall, the Archway, the Prayer Hall and the Preaching Hall. Of these the Prayer Hall is the most active and respected spot in the complex. What's more, the mosque collects two Quran in miniature edit. They are in the size of a half or a third of matchbox. Also, visitors can find the exquisite brick art carving works by Ma Shaoqing, a famous artist of Hui minority.

Have lunch in a special characteristic restaurant.

After lunch visit to the Culture Streetand also the Wudadao Street(1hour) which is nicknamed the world architecture museum with French, British, Italian, Spanish Germen style buildings.Drive back to Beijing.

Wudadao Street:

Wudadao is in the down south of Tianjin city center, Wudadao literally means "5 big avenues" in Chinese. The five main avenues are Machangdao, Munandao, Dalidao, Chongqingdao and Chengdudao. There are totally 22 roads, with a total length of 17 kilometers and an area of 1.28 square kilometers. There are over 2,000 garden-style villas built in 1920s and 30s by different countries. It is recognized globally as the Exposition of Neoteric Architectures. Wudaodao highlights Tianjin as the tangible textbook of Chinese modern history.

Day 07 Beijing(B)

After breakfast, transfer to beijing airport for departure or free activity on your own.

Attractions Visited in This Tour

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