A glimpse of old Beijing(Code 002)

Image of A glimpse of old Beijing(Code 002)

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Duration : 1 day
Starting Price : 55USD/Person

Tour Description

Get an impression of old Beijing, this tour features an area where traditional architectures are well preserved.    

Time: Pick up at hotel at 9am, return at 6pm

Transportation: private car(extra fee of 85USD)/public transportation    

Sites: Prince Gong's Mansion, HuTong Tour in the Back Lake area, the Drum Tower and Bell Tower

Prince Gong's Mansion, originally built in 1776, the residence witnessed the reign of 7 Qing Emperors.  The design of this traditional Chinese courtyard is ingenious. 

HuTong Tour: See the typical traditional Chinese courtyard (四合院.  Even may have a chance to talk to the residents living for generations in these courtyard.  Back Lake area: a beautiful place enjoyed very much by scholars, literatis in old times.  Today, it is also famous for the bars.  And also has many restaurants selling traditional Chinese food.   

The Drum Tower and the Bell Tower:  Cultural Relics Under State Protection and symbol of old Beijing.  The Bell and the Drums were used for announcing time in antient times.  Expect to see the oldest and heaviest bell still in existence in China today.     

My service fee is 55USD/person, other fees such transportation, meals and tickets are not included.  Ticket price: Prince Gong's Mansion 70RMB/person, Drum Tower and Bell Tower 30RMB/person.

Attractions Visited in This Tour

Image of A glimpse of old Beijing(Code 002)

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