Beijing Great Wall

Image of Beijing Great Wall

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Duration : 1 day
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Tour Description

Tour in Beijing

The first we should go is Tiananmen. As we all know Tiananmen is the symbol of China,so you must to feel it. Behind the Tiananmen is Palace of old China. You feel the old time of king's life.

Great Wall is the second place where you have to tour. As we know the first place is the Palace.

The Great wall has almost 2000-year old,it is the symbol of China. In this world only China has Great Wall. It shows the wisdom of old Chinese. The Great Wall was used to against alien invasion. It across 10 provinces,and has 8842351-metre length.

Now let's us try to climb it .B careful. Take care of feet,don't climb too high,because at the next 2 weeks,you feet can't walk anymore. The Great Wall precipitous. But you must been there,because our president Mao said:" Haven't been Great Wall,isn't real man."


Then we go to Wangfujing Street to look for some snacks. There always have all kinds of snacks. There also have many foreigners.


Attractions Visited in This Tour

Image of Beijing Great Wall Image of Beijing Great Wall Image of Beijing Great Wall

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