the mountanous area of Bedugul and hot spring water

Image of the mountanous area of Bedugul and hot spring water

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Duration : 4 to 8 hours
Starting Price : 0USD/Person

Tour Description

this tour is to bring to first impression in the north border with the lake of Beratan,Buyan,Tamblingan seem to picture that is always full of water.this tour bring you enjoy the cool climate and weather and the declevety of the land from the mountain area in the north side that your tour superior in wet rice field and gardening that always visited by the foreigner  and domestic who are longing for the beauty of the nature with its mystery natural hot spring.

start tour at:09.00 am

we will start by visiting:

1.Tanah lot temple:

firstly,we will start to visit"tanah lot temple"is located southwest Bali which is built on a large rock and out off the mainland at high tide.

2.Kopi luwak:

on route to your hotel,stop in fourth largest producer of coffee in the world.kopi luwak is also called"palm civet cat coffee" or poo is named practice of weassel like animal let loose into coffee plantations at night eat coffee berries then poop out.

3.the mountainous  area of Bedugul:

then,Bedugul is mountainous area,lake resort area in Bali which is located in the center north region of the island near lake Beratan on the road.Bedugul enjoy a mild mountain weather due to its location at an attitude of about 1500 mtrs above the sea level.

4.Hot spring:

finally,visiting an enchanting hot spring water with stone carved mouth gushing water in lush garden setting.the water naturally a very pleasing temperature and have high sulfur contents.the whole experience here in extremely therapeutic and cleansing of your soul and body

*price tour:euro 50/per car(maximum 1-7 people)

 * what is include:

      air conditioned car/petrol,guide/driver fee,parking fee.

*what is not include:

     lunch,entrance tickets.



Attractions Visited in This Tour

Image of the mountanous area of Bedugul and hot spring water

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