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Duration : 1 to 4 hours
Starting Price : 330USD/Person

Tour Description


This is by far the most popular tour in Barcelona: The architect Antoni Gaudí left his heritage in the city transforming forever our urban landscape with his touches of geniousness, color and forward thinking.

I spent 2. 5 years of my early years as a protocol tourguide working in Gaudí's masterpiece: the Sagrada Familia Church.There I was trained to give the special tours for VIP's, press and other special guests. I had the privilege to be in close contact with the architects and workers involved in the construction, as well as with many other people who had spent many years of their lives related to that place one way or another.

That's how I became passioned about Antoni Gaudí's life and work, and I love sharing my expertise with anyone wanting to get a good approach to him. Because Gaudí is not just "gaudy" architecture: let me introduce you to his background, personality and professional choices!

This tour includes 4 of his most important works: the Sagrada Familia Church, the Park Güell, the Casa Batllo and the Casa Milà/Pedrera.

In 4h we can cover:

- Passeig de Gràcia (Eixample District)
- Casa Batlló & Block of Disagreement (outside view)
- Casa Milà / Pedrera (inside visit)
- Sagrada Familia Church (inside visit)
- Park Güell (inside visit)

DID YOU KNOW…  That with my official tourguide license we get to skip the lines?

Attractions Visited in This Tour

Image of Gaudi with an expert Image of Gaudi with an expert Image of Gaudi with an expert

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