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Duration : 7 or more days
Starting Price : 1000USD/Person

Tour Description

Trek to Petra is one of the special and great tours you can do on an old ancient trail from Dana reserve to Petra for more than 65 km through the mountains trekking up and down in a Bedouins nomadic life style, enjoying the views around including flora and fauna. It is about 4 wonderful days trail before reaching Petra.

What we offer you for the visit of Petra are not a glimpse or a fast visit for less than one day which is easy to do, but we give the chance for you to feel the spirit of Petra and to imagine how the Nabatians live, to see the magic of nature and the beauty of it.

There is tow ways to do it Supported or Unsupported, the one we provide right now is the Unsupported.

Please find below the itinerary outline and a checklist.
Please make sure to go through the checklist and if you have any questions about anything, please do tell us!

 , Start gathering at 06:00 am, bus moving 07:00 am, morning drive to Dead Sea for breakfast, float, 2 hours free time, then drive to Dana Nature Reserve , hike to Om Sakakin canyon. Trekking (hrs) 5, Overnight Accommodation Wadi araba camping near a Perennial spring.

- The trail elevation are different between up and down with a some difficulty.

- There will be rest stops between while and while.
- Return back to Amman 28-Dec-13 , at 08:00 pm – arriving Amman at 12:00 am.
- The residency option is upon request and it is included but without services.
- Also please note that tips are not included.

what do you need to do it ?

The well and good health before anything else, then you need a Comfort and protection against the weather are of prime importance. Because the weather is so very variable in Jordan, I recommend a number of thin layers rather than a few thick ones. Clothes will get rough treatment! This equipment list is intended as a guideline for your use.

Pair of worn-in walking boots, stiff soled, fabric or leather and waterproof, the more breathable the better
Rugged sandals and/or sneakers (for evenings and to relieve the feet at camps)
Trekking trousers: fast-drying, moisture wicking. Pant legs that zip off to become shorts are a very good idea
Trekking shorts: preferably not “too short” shorts
Socks: heavy duty, moisture wicking
Warm fleece or jacket
Sun hat (wide brim)
Fleece hat
Waterproof trekking jacket with hood
Waterproof pants
Thermal layer (top & bottom)
Light gloves

Day pack (1) (30+ liters) with waterproof cover, or waterproof liner
sleeping mats, blankets, comforters and pillows, sleeping bag, sleeping bag liner are mostly required.
Water on trek is supplied by plastic bottles however a “hydration system” (Camelback/Platypus) is highly recommended (3 liter size is best) and a mouthpiece cover is highly recommended!
Towel – quick drying pack towel is recommended
Head torch + spare batteries
Camera & accessories
Trekking poles (highly recommended)
Washing/shaving kit
Wet wipes for “dry washing” while 3 nights or more camping, (i.e. no shower!)
Sun Cream & lip salve
Small personal First Aid kit (see below)
Anti bacterial hand wash
(1) Backpack must be able to carry inside:
- packed lunch
- minimum 3 liters of water (whether in bottles or Camelback/Platypus system)
- camera
- personal first aid kit (see below)
- head torch with spare batteries
- fleece
- waterproof jacket/pants

First Aid Kit (carried in the day pack)
Dry powder form Gatorade (rehydration sachets)
general antibiotic
Advil / Ibuprofen / Paracetamol
Elastoplasts, blister dressing
plasters (band-aids)
Imodium / Arret
After sun lotion

Nice to have
Binoculars (recommended)
Reading material (recommended)
Spare glasses/contact lenses
Moisturizing cream
Foot/baby powder (Talcum powder)
Snacks/Energy bars
penknife/small scissors (please don’t pack in hand luggage)
nail clippers
padlock for main bag
small sewing/repair kit
small mirror
earplugs (against snorers)
Insect Repellent
Travel adapters

be sure to have enough food for 3 days at least, a filter for springs water will be great.

Please don’t forget you personal Id


Trek to Petra program

confirmation is by cash payment only and seats are limited.

Image of Trek to Petra

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