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Duration : 4 to 8 hours
Starting Price : 80USD/Person

Tour Description

Alamain. You will get to visit the War Musum of Alamain,

where you will see the story of the war, different weapons and outfits for soliders of all participants forces.


Then you get to visit the cemetery of commonwealth & German cemertery 

With the famous World War II in 1939. Which took place on its soil, the most important battle between the armies of the Axis, led by Rommel and the Allied armies, led by Montgomery, a battle of El Alamein, where Rommel defeat me.

Commonwealth graves in El Alamein

Libyans graves at El Alamein
There by landfills and memorials to commemorate the victims of the battle of various nationalities. It also has a church and a mosque and a small museum. Memorial done by the German mass graves containing the remains of granite about 4280 fighters and contains the obelisk Pharaonic panel represent events of the war


Image of Alamain Tour Image of Alamain Tour Image of Alamain Tour

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