The legend of Saint George: Alcoy

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Duration : 1 to 4 hours
Starting Price : 319USD/Person

Tour Description

Alcoy, city located within the Province of Alicante was founded in the XIIIth century, but it was in the XIX century during the industrial revolution when it flourished.

Known for its Moors and Christians parade in honour to Saint George their patron, we will start our tour visiting the museum of this festivity. An educational and entertaining stroll through the memory and history of Moors and Christians festivity.

Once we have a general idea about the Moors and Christians festivity we will have the chance to visit the Saint George Church. It is a Historicist neo-Romanesque building, richly decorated in Neo-Byzantine style. Through the main altar our expert guide we will involve you into the legend of Saint George.

Then we will visit one of Santiago Calatrava´s design: Llotja de Saint George. Singular construction that simulates the skeleton of a dragon.

Afterwards, we will start a brief walking tour in one of the main streets of the city where the Moors and Christians parade pass through and where many modernist houses are located. The peakcock house: one of the most emblematic private buildings of Alcoy, reflecting the economic boom experienced by the city in the early XX century. Circulo Industrial:  Institution created in 1868 by the industrial bourgeoisie of Alcoy.

Image of The legend of Saint George: Alcoy

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