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Nanjing Under Water World

The majesty, mystery, abundance and the aura of oceans has always captivated me, and as in my knowledge, the most of us! A feeling of mysterious peace and wonder wraps us, while we enjoy the serenity and the magical aura that it spills...

 Little did I know, I would be going through the same enigmatic set of emotions for an elongated time period, when we entered the 'under water world', in Nanjing, on an early-noon of that Saturday.

If you are a first timer like me in exploring the underwater creatures, the Nanjing Underwater World offers superb introduction to this amazing world. Having innumerable marine fish species including the incredible Acipensers, Sharks, Jellyfishes and a whole bunch of polar animals like penguins, polar wolves, foxes, polar bears and seals, the place has much to offer to the visitors. It also hosts dolphin and sea lion shows, sea diving and shark feeding shows pleasing your sensations. The place also houses transparent glass 180-degree acrylic tunnel, giving an opportunity to enliven your sea dreams..!

Fascinating is the only world that can come close to describe my experience amidst those under-water creatures, that don't even know or care about how unique, wonderful and amazing their mere existence is! Here, I don't want to dilute the content by explaining every minute detail of the place, but would definitely love to mention those junctures which left me in awe...

1. These were the fishes named 'Acipenser' which looked fiercely adorable! In the background of a sculpture that resembled Buddha, these fishes with their wide open toothless mouth featuring a web of ribs.. and a projecting snout, reminded me of army men in a ready position to shooooooot :-). Strangely enough, I really enjoyed their unique features and brisk movements!

2. Another zone where I was awestruck was the 'jellyfish' zone. I always wished to see them since long... The combined effect of background lighting, feather light music, the rhythmic movements of the jelly fishes and their transparent and extremely flexible body added to a lasting impact.. It was as if the some imaginary elements of light had gotten life with a blessing to move in most graceful and mellifluous manner... Well, would stop my poetic expressions here, check out the place for yourself and feel what you want to feel, all for yourself!

We also witnessed sea turtles, sharks and huge gamut of strange looking animals and also the shark feeding show and sea diving show by a young lady with elegant dress and moves. 

All in all I definitely recommend it to all who relish life and creation!

zai chen (bye - bye )

Some Relevant Details

Fees: Adults(including children over 1.5 meters): 150 RMB

Children (1.2 m - 1.5 m): 80 RMB (teams excluded)

Children (1.2 meters): Free

Working Hours:

Open throughout the year, 8:30 - 17:00

How to Get There:

Take bus 9, Y1 (游1), 20 or Y3 (游3).

Cafeteria, snacks and a gift shop are in place at the premises.

Underwater World is on the south side of Purple Mountain within walking distance of Ming Maosoleum (Ming Xiaoling).