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Jianshui Confucian Temple

    The Confucian Temple is an embodiment of Confician culture in architecture.The largest and oldest Confucian Temple in China is Qufu Confucian Temple in Shandong Province,the hometown of Confucius.

    Jianshui Confucian Temple is a stae-protective relic,it is one of the very few large-scale Confucian temples in China which are well preserved.It is ranked number two largest Confucian temple in China,only next to Qufu Confucian Temple in Shandong province.This temple was originally built in 1285 in the Yuan Dynasty.In its history of over 700 years,it has experienced more than 50 times renovation and expansion.

For many years,Jianshui Confucian Temple is regarded as a historical and valuable venue for the study of Confucianism,the history of imperial exam system and traditional Chinese architecture.It is really a place worth visiting.