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Shibuya (Shibuya-ku)


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Shibuya is one of 23 wards of Tokyo and one of the most colorful, popular and a very busy ward. On every corner one can see shopping centers, boutiques, restaurants, nightclubs and at every time of the day it is full of people.
One of most famous landmarks of Shibuya is the large intersection which is full with neon advertisements. The moment when the green lights turn on and when pedestrians start walking in all directions is a very popular filming and photo scene. No matter what one is looking for, that can be found here.

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Re: Shibuya (Shibuya-ku)

By Cindy Li,

Private Tour, Photography Tour, School Trip, Customized Tour...


Very busy
Re: Shibuya (Shibuya-ku)

By Eric Denny,

A fun & experienced guide with wonderful stories all over West China.


Busiest somewhere and quietest somwhere, that's contradicted Japan..

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