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The Lisu People

                                                              The  Lisu  People

The Lisu nationality with a population of 557,000 people maily reside in Nujiang Prefecture;the rest are scattered over Lijiang,Diqing,Dali,Dehong,Chuxiong and Baoshan.

The Lisunationality with a history of long standing are the descendants of the ancient Di-Qiang natinality.

The Lisu women can be divided into White Lisu ,Black Lisu and Flower Lisu by the colours of their costumes,the White Lisu and the Black Lisu  women's clothing includes right -buttoned garments ans gunny skirts;the married women wear big brass earrings,chains of colral,beads ornament on the head,and some others wear strings of agate or sea shell and silver coin necklaces.An expensive chest ornament is said to be worth one or two oxen.The Flower Lisu women look very graceful by putting on trimmed costumes and skirts of dazzling colour with brass and silver earrings

As for the Lisu men,they wear guuny coats and shorts pants.Some wear black headdesses,others have long hair and twine it at the back of therir heads.A group-up man usually carries a long-bladed chopper on the left side and a quiver on the right.


The Lisu people are fond of a kind of sour,home-made wine called"cujiu"(vinegar liquor).A visitor will always be entertained with the "cujiu"