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Lijiang Black Dragon Pool Introduction

                               Lijiang Black Dragon Pool Introduction

Lijiang Black Dragon Pool was built in Qing dynasty,around three hundred years old,the local people  believe  there is black dragon live this pool,protect  local people,so called Black Dragon Pool,


The shape of Black Dragon Pool is  eight diagram(bagua),Deyue Pavilion is yang,was biult in 1963,the bridge is taiji,Yiwen Pavilion is ying,so it is good for Chinese fengshui,.

At the north end of the park there is Five Phoenix (wufeng) Pavilion,was built in 29th year of Wanli era of the Ming Dybasty(1601).it is the main building of Fuguosi Temple,with a height of 20m,and in the style of flying cornices,the threefold overlap.Since the ground floor has octagonal flying cornices,the threefold overlap make up 24 angles;so from every viewpoint the pavilion looks like five phoenixes spreading their wings for flight,hence its name.The structure is built on a noble scale,with elaborate carvings,redolent of antiquity and a strong local flavor  as well as distinctive ethnic colour.


The pavilion was originally built on a mountain far away from the town,for the convenience of visitors,it was moved to this park and constructed by the side of Deyue pavilion,to the mutual enhancement of their splendour.its reflection in the clear water of Jade dragon snow Mountain make the view all the more exquisite,In the 12th year of the Chongzhen era of the Ming Dynasty(1639),the famous traveler  Xu Xiake came here on his tour and stayed for eights days i the pavilion,which he took a fortune.