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The guide around Lijiang, Shangri-la Tiger leaping gorge and meili

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Walnut from tiger leaping gorge

Walnut is the king of anti-aging, before sleeping, eating an effect is particularly good

China has an old saying said good 
"Knowledge, don't eat before." 
In the food we eat is often there is a kind of food 
As long as you can often eat one before you go to bed 
Can very good play a kidney in anti-aging 
The purpose of the prolong life walnut 
The king of anti-aging, must belong to it 
Walnuts contain vitamin E, can make the cells from the oxidative damage of free radicals, is the medical profession recognized anti-aging substances, so walnut has a "long live", "longevity fruit," said. 
Walnut can anti-aging, can nourish skin, make the person white tender, especially the old skin aging should eat more. 
Kidney is good, young man 
Kidney is congenital, only have a healthy kidney, people's health to have security. 
Is kidney 9 to 12 o 'clock at night is the most weak stage of the kidney organ, so this time is the key on the kidney rehabilitation period. By eating walnuts before sleeping can be very good play the kidney and the effect of sodium gas. 
Protect cardiovascular, walnut best Walnut is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, often eat walnuts, not only will not increase blood sugar, reduce the intestinal absorption of cholesterol, suitable for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease patients eat, walnuts contain lots of fat, can runchang, treatment of constipation. 
The American dietetic association advises people, walnut, the best two or three times a week, in particular, older people and menopausal women, because of walnut contains arginine , oleic acid, such as antioxidants to protect cardiovascular, prevention of coronary heart disease, stroke, dementia, etc to be useful. 
Ann god sleep, brain resting to restore energy 
We often have high blood pressure, dizziness, vertigo, no energy, the doctor asked to know, are poor sleep, so insomnia becomes the basis of the disease, treatment and eat walnuts before sleeping can easily deal with this problem. 
Because in walnut contains quite a lot of melatonin, the substance can be a very good sleep effectively adjust to the human body. 
Walnut contained trace elements zinc and manganese is an important nutrients of the pituitary gland, often feed walnut nutritional supplements are beneficial to the brain, brain puzzle resting to restore energy.

Small walnut shelling coup 
Walnut on boiler steam for 5 minutes. Soak in cold water, hot later, light upon the crack, hammer can peel the large pieces of nuts, distracted wood can easily remove. 
2. With a small sharp knife, such as a small fruit knife, stab into the cavity at the bottom of walnut, which is the blade of the walnut line (highlight a line) after the blade twist, walnut shell were opened, and peel the nut is very complete, distraction wood is more complete. 
3. The fastest the most direct way, with a hammer, using frame clamp, the disadvantage is that nut is broken.

Two eat walnuts to have cooked or uncooked, 
If you like, Can also be ground into a powder such as walnut, black sesame eat together, 
Remember to eat walnuts before sleeping in the evening to eat well, 
In this way can we better kidney strong kidney, 
Food as long as at the right time to play the biggest role.