Pelkhor Choede Tours – Tibet, Shigatse, China

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Pelkhor Choede


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Northeast of Gyangze County, 100 kilometers east of Shigatse, China, Shigatse, Tibet
Hours : 9am-7pm

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Pelkhor Choede - you have to go !

By Kate,


Pelkhor Choede is so amazing, i will so regret if i didn't come here, even though sometimes i can not breath that well and sometimes a i need oxygen can, but i am so happy that i can be here.
Some towers and temples of Pelkhor Choede already have 500 years history, oh, and how can i not to mention the Bodhi Dagoba, but if you wanna take the picture, you need to pay 10 Yuan, and take as many photos as you want, i think it`s really worth. read more

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