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Zhangmu Port
Zhangmu (Tibetan: འགྲ་མ།, Wylie)


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Zhangmu Town,Shigatse,Tibet, China, Shigatse, Tibet

About this place

Zhangmu Town is located in Tibet
Zhangmu Town
Coordinates: 27°59′24″N 85°58′48″E
Country  China
Province  Tibet Autonomous Region
Prefecture  Shigatse Prefecture
County  Nyalam County
Time zone  CST (UTC+8)

Zhangmu (Tibetan: འགྲ་མ།, Wylie: gra ma, ZYPY: Zhama; Chinese: 樟木; Nepali: Khasa) is a customs town and port of entry located in Nyalam County on the Nepal-China border, just uphill and across the Bhote Koshi River from the Nepalese town of Kodari. At 2300 meters above sea level, Zhangmu has mild and humid subtropical climate, which is a rarity for Tibet.
it's about 2 hours from the Friendship Bridge in Zhangmu to the capital of Nepal-Katmandu.

A lot of tourists travel from Lhasa to Mt.Everest ,and then from Zhangmu to Nepal.

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