Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon Tours – Tibet, Nyingchi, China

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Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon


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Nyingchi ,Tibet, China, Nyingchi, Tibet

About this place

Yaluzangbu Grand Canyon starts from North Milin County Owatari village (elevation 2880 meters), South to Motuo county (elevation 115 meters), the canyon is 504.9 kilometers long, average depth of 2268 meters, a maximum depth of 6009 meters, an average elevation of 3000 meters, is the world's largest grand canyon.The whole valley glacier, cliffs, steep slope, debris flow and towering waves River staggered together, the environment is very bad.Many areas are still unexplored, called "the last secret", is one of the few blank area of geological work.

The latest geological investigation to obtain evidence, Grand Canyon forms basically is the area has the asthenosphere upwelling mantle.Yaluzangbu Grand Canyon geological characteristics of the formation is similar to the Colorado Grand Canyon in United States

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