Basum-Tso Lake Tours – Tibet, Nyingchi, China


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Basum-Tso Lake


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Gongbujiangda County,Nyingchi ,Tibet, China, Nyingchi, Tibet

About this place

The Basomtso lake, in Tibetan language means "green water", the lake at an elevation of 3700 meters, the lake area of more than 6 acres, located in Linzhi County 50 kilometers of Ba River upstream of the high gorge in the valley, Basum is also a notable holy lake of Nyingmapa order of Tibetan Buddhism. .In 1994 Basomtso was listed as the national scenic area, at the same time by the World Tourism Organization on the world tourist attractions (point), in 2000 it was listed as the national AAAA level scenic spots

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