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Norbu Lingka


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Located in the west of Lhasa, China, Lhasa, Tibet
Hours : 9:30am-7pm

About this place

The Norbu Lingka built in 1751 as the summer residence of the Dalai Lama, lies 1.9 miles(3km) west of the Potala Palace. As harsh winters gave way to spring, a grand procession of Lamas and official accompanied the Dalai Lama from the Potala Palace to his summer home.

Norbu Lingka, which means "jeweled garden", is a fitting title for the large compound of buildings and extensive gardens. Successive Dalai Lamas continually expanded the palace and up until 1959, commoners weren`t allowed within it`s walls.

Today this once forbidden palace is ideal for quiet strolls and lazy afternoons. This palace contains some fabulous murals fusing Tibetan history and myth.

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Re: Norbu Lingka

By Kungfu Panda,

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jeweled garden - a nice name

Is it a garden? Is it a palace? The answer are both yes. It`s a beautiful place with a pertinent name "Jeweled garden", this is one of famous attraction of Lhasa. But you could only visit that with the tour agent since you need to special permit to get access there.
Ocean of culture

By Kate,


Instead of an ocean, Tibet has an “Ocean of culture”

The images that stand out at the end of the say are the children; colorful beautiful kids that approach you everywhere and cant resist the curiosity.

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