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What is Nowruz?

The Persian New Year is called Nowruz or Eid Norooz. In Iran, the beginning of the year is celebrated when winter changes into spring.  Actually, international day of Nowruz is not only celebrated in Iran. It is celebrated in many countries all around the world. It is one of the most ancient traditions in the history.

Nowruz haft seen (seven “s”) is a table with seven significant items set on top of it. Setting this table is one of the main customs of Nowruz.

Here is list of each item with its haft seen meaning:

  1. For rebirth and renewal: Sabzeh (Some kind of sprout; wheat, barley, mung bean or lentil grown in a dish)
  2. For beauty, love: Senjed (Dried fruit, a sweet fruit from a lotus tree)
  3. For health: Sib(Apples)
  4. For medicine and taking care of oneself: Seer(Garlic)
  5. For wealth and fertility: Samanu (A sweet pudding)
  6. For the patience and wisdom that comes with aging: Serkeh (Vinegar)
  7. For the sunrise of a new day: Sumac (A Persian spice made from crushed sour red berries)

The first five days are the official Nowruz holiday and the 13th of Farvardin (first month on the Persian calendar) is the last day of Nowruz. Iranians celebrate the last day of Nowruz with a family picnic. They pack up a big picnic for a meal in the great outdoors. Today, this day is also called the nature day. Iranian believe that there is a curse that has been put on the 13th day of Nowrooz. It has been said that, the curse can be broken with spending this day out in the nature with family and friends.